Friday, 16 June 2017

Elements that Belong To Modern Rustic Homes

‘Modern Rustic’ has become a popular term that everybody seems to find adorable. A ‘rustic’ home is basically characterized with the coziness and warmth, and it has relatively very less to do with the modern decorative and functional arrangements. However, when you add the word ‘modern’ in it, you are basically mixing things in order to enjoy the rustic place in a modern way.

Such homes are pretty much popular in the cold parts of the country because the wooden and rustic exterior of the home seems quite adjustable in the white snow and cold sunlight. On the other hand, interior of home tends to make the dwellers more relaxed.

In other words, a modern rustic home is basically composed of open floor plan, modern furniture, and the exterior that displays its preserved natural architecture.

Stone and raw wood

These are primary features of a modern rustic home. So, if you are fond of modern rustic style of home, you would like to bring raw wood and stones inside the interior of your home. This could be done by exposing the reclaimed wood or exposing a stone or brick wall. Furthermore, the homes of this style also require the wooden structure of ceiling to be put on display.

The fabrics

Since curtains and draperies do not belong to a modern rustic home, the fabric that must be brought in are the rugs and thick pillows. The big windows are meant to give the view of outside; so if you need to block the view, you can install windows blinds. It’s best to bring the wooden furniture that is not supposed to be covered. However, there is the cloth required for sofas. Sofas with natural color cloth are appropriate in this regard.

In the bedroom, use white and warm cloth to cover the bed. Put a lot of throws and pillows to make the place comfortable.

Living room

Since the modern rustic homes belong to the areas that look like thick forests, you wouldn’t want your friends and family to miss the outside view every time they would sit in the living room. For that purpose, you can create enhanced-sized windows to let the natural view and light to come in the room. Again, you can use blinds to block the view anytime you want.


In a rustic home, everything tends to look order in a way that home becomes a cozy place. But when we talk about modern rustic homes, the only thing that we would want in an updated condition is the amenities. You wouldn’t want to give up on the ease of cooking and preserving food that you can get with the help of big and small kitchen appliances. A laundry room with high-tech laundry devices and consistent water flow are very much required wherever you live. Moreover, it’s a nice idea to install smart system in the home to get everything activated and deactivated with the help of a touch.

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